11-14 year olds dating sites Are you right for me? (Guys between 11-14 years old please, I'm turning 12 in November.)

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I'm a 11 year old girl hmu I will be your boyfriend if you say that you like black boys. Hey am 12 a guy.

Are you EMO or a skater or are you punk?

Do u want me to be ur boyfriend. Hi you sound cool. Call me some time Me to but I'm in 6th grade. Hi I'm Brian can I have your phone number.

Do you like EMOS?

I am 12 years old I have blonde hair I'm in seventh grade and want a bf. Please respond with authenticity, support, and respect. Do u live in kc?

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Im in 7th grade i got brown hair and green eyes and im 12 kik me please GigsterGrice. I'm 13 years old I'm a boy and I want you as my girl friend. Hey call me Hey im Chance and im looking fir a gf who likes me for my personallity not my looks. I'm 12 I'll be ur girlfriend.

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I'm 12 years old in 6th grade and have dirty blonde hair. I'm 11 I had to lie a little. Hey I'm 11 also and I'm in 5th grade by the way I'm a girl.

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Same but I'm a girl want to date or get to now each other. Me to but I'm in 6th and have black hair. I'm a guy your probably the perfect girl your probably the best girl in the world the prettiest in the world so that's my note. I'm 11 and going to be 12 in April,I'm a football soccer pro,I'm pro also at Kick Boxing year olds dating sites in self-defence and I'm looking for a girlfriend that has any social media account Facebook,Instagram,etc Hi i'm 11 but going to be 12 in November text me some time I'm a 12year old guy and I need a gf so if you can talk let's talk text me at U sound like u are a pretty girl.

Im also looking for a gf.

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Do u want me to be your bf. I am high earners dating websites I2 year old guy.

Yes or no do you want to go out. U sound like you are a sweet girl. Do u want to go out with me.

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I'm 13 years old looking for a girl who like me for who I am fat. I have blonde hair also with a swift and a cute guy. Where do u live? I'm blonde haired and blue eyed. R u still looking for a girlfriend if so text me at Hi I'm 11 I want a girlfriend I like riding my bike and playing football.

What's your phone number and what school do you go to? I am as well I want a girl like you with that pretty blonde hair.