Anyone ever hook up over craigslist Has anyone here ever actually had casual sex with someone from a dating site?

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Some people look really good with some weight on them and others Think you got the wrong person buddy, I'm still laughing my ass off at the last few posts.

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The casual encounter section is so full of shorthand terms and abbreviations, so if you want to go with the flow, then it is best familiarize yourself with the Craigslist lingo.

Jun 17, 3. I decided I would have to take the initiative, so in addition to posting my own ads, I started responding to every ad from any woman who seemed at all interesting.

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Probably not going to like the responses I get from this You anyones ever hook up over craigslist just saying I am fat blah blah blah Anyone ever attempted this? Most likely, super-hot people only want to screw super-hot people.

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The next day, she e-mailed me saying she was deeply apologetic and that she'd fallen asleep. I met him on a public place, gave him a look and old him I had to go.

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Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. Surprised I didn't get murdered with how often I did it. This just gets better and better.

Anyone ever hooked up with anyone off of craigslist?

There was a five minute delay before my ad appeared, then I started receiving about one response per minute. ClickitBabyJun 18, None of this was either of us looking for a hook-up though. Just because you're a beautiful female doesn't mean you don't got a little crazy in ya. They went about it badly, but this kink isn't that uncommon.


We went on a few dates, she had some real issues but the sex was great. What little luck I'd had so far. Ever hooked up on Craigslist?

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