Cs go matchmaking hackers MODERATORS

Cs go matchmaking hackers

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Yeaaa, first couple days after the wave was great- first time Playing CS in a long time that were my skill level LEM and felt like that. I thought silent aim isn't possible anymore since the bullet spread is calculated server side? I'm sorry but can you explain what this means?

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If it doesn't work, restart Steam. Faceit is just as bad because there is essentially no anti-cheat so people can hack blatantly without any consequences. Out of intresst why is that? If thats true then the match gets erased and doesnt count towards your elo so you should rank back up. Play ESEA, it's the only solution. GO Demos Manager, website here: You clearly see his not spinning and hitting all hs's, now stfu and l2p! Thankfully managed to win one with good team work in the middle but I feel a derank just around the corner, pretty frustrating.

Even on ESEA you aren't save anymore. They probably do cheat in csgo too.

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This would make sure you never really have to deal with cheaters who just hop on a new account after getting VACd or after a banwave. I played a game yesterday where a guy rage-hacked all through the first cs go matchmaking hackers. Semi-pro, debatable, it may pose a challenge for most bad players, agreed.

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Then you see the scoreboard at the end and this guy is unranked and the 4 dudes on his team are all supreme and global and played like silvers, they would go negative eg etc against your team while the top dude is like Of course I've seen a few in casual but never comp. Prefired you every single time.

It almost feels like Valve doesn't care anymore.

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Click here for our wiki! Why is nothing being done about the infamous cheater Dukiiii? There are way too many of them desperately grinding the skrilla and therefore keeping up the pace!

I guess some are abusing the fact that demos are corrupted since 2,5 days and overwatch doesnt work A 15 fov aimbot you would get OW'd instantly, that's completely blatant lol. We already know what it does to people when their skins are on the line I know but when it was public those bots joined, when I made a new lobby with invites they couldn't join. Found the video almost 11 months, still unbanned.

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This is going to fucking destroy MM. We also have that sad guy who ask for a kick when he is losing in the first 3 rounds so that he does not receive a ban. After the revolver push back from the community I don't see them doing another risky move like this. Last game i played with a kid with no pic on my team deaging only even tho he was trash, another dude named "Deranking", you know cs go matchmaking hackers that means, a screaming toddler and on the other team a guy on round 3, hadn't play in 3 weeks and that was my welcome back game.

I'm nearing the point where I just can't play CS: Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Valve should introduce a system where if you play x amount of games then you don't get matched against anyone below that amount of games played.

So I think making opponents angry because he has been caught cheating before is just a part of his fun. Yep,I get the "A player you reported has been banned" message quite often. Don't have an account?