Dating 1 thessalonians 1 Thessalonians

Dating 1 thessalonians

The travels were as follows: The letter to the Thessalonians is thought to have been written by Paul from Corinth a few months after founding a congregation there. Paul and Thecla Peter and Paul. It was the largest city in Macedonia and was also the dating 1 thessalonians of its province. Paul had left Thessalonica abruptly see Ac Paul sent word back, instructing Silas and Timothy to come to him in Athens see Ac The following arguments have been based on the content:.

Paul, Silas and Timothy established a church in Thessalonica, they then traveled to Berea and on to Athens. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. The epistle to the Thessalonians is certainly one of the most ancient Christian documents in existence. Therefore, the greeting appears to come from the trio some time during their second missionary journey.

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Both external and internal evidence see 1: Views Read Edit View history. The first is that, "It constitutes a second Thanksgiving in the letter" An Introductionp.

Therefore, the sequence of events is clear: Help us put Bibles in their hands! Apostle Christian Pauline Christianity. It is universally assented to be an authentic letter of Paul. The first letter to the Thessalonians was likely the first of Paul's lettersprobably written by the end of AD Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John.

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The majority of New Testament scholars hold 1 Thessalonians to be authentic, although a number of scholars in the midth century contested its authenticity, most notably Clement Schrader and F. Letter of Baruch 2 Baruch Psalms — Since Silas is not mentioned, it has been conjectured that he went back to Philippi when Timothy went to Thessalonica see note on 3: Paul instructs them that the dead would come to life first and that they would join the living with the Lord when he comes.

Every chapter of 1 Thessalonians ends with a reference to the second coming of Christ, with ch. Other scholars, such as Schmithals, [11] Eckhart, [12] Demke [13] and Munro, [14] have developed complicated theories involving redaction and interpolation in 1 and 2 Thessalonians.

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However, Silas apparently did not accompany Paul on the third missionary journey, and this trio Paul, Silas, Timothy are not mentioned together again. In the dating 1 thessalonians of such evidence, few have ever rejected authorship by Paul. The travels were as follows:. It is also sometimes suggested that 5: Part of a series of articles on Paul in the Bible Pauline literature.


And since, according to this addition, it was the Jews upon whom God's wrath had already fallen, the reference must surely be to the destruction of the temple in 70 C. Part of a series of articles on. Discuss this text on the Early Writings forum.

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At this time, Paul and Silas sent Timothy back to check on things 1 Thess 3: