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Dating a medical student buzzfeed

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She feels totally comfortable talking about pee, poop, UTIs, periods, and anything else you find gross. She's a listening pro. This will push you to work your eligon dating reviews and to be your best, which is second nature for her.

In reality, she probably has no idea why you're having leg cramps, but that doesn't matter because she will pretend to know anyway. She has to move now.

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Are Crushes Normal if You're in a Relationship? She has a test tomorrow and every day x 1, forever. After all the tests and group projects, she will still inevitably go out and get wasted like she's a freshman in college.

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This also means she needs to sleep, and often at weird hours. To her, it is her job, and an everyday occurrence that she talks to people about. Basically, "I love you but I'll see you in five years" is something she's told you as a joke that was not a joke at all.

She will just give you aspirin and a lot of the time, it'll fix everything. She still parties like a college freshman who's never had booze before.

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You'll assume she can fix any medical problems you have and you will almost always be wrong. Because even once she finishes finals, there's always another final.

Her drive and motivation are contagious.

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Few people drink as hard and fast as med students after exams, god bless 'em. You know, unless you date a surgeon, which I already specifically warned you about. Don't worry, she'll happily dating a medical student buzzfeed you. She has a great ability to stay up beyond what is humanly possible. Whether it's a cool patient she saw that day, a surgery she observed, the size and quality of a poop her patient had no, but seriously, check out the Bristol stool scaleyou'll hear about it.

The field is damn competitive, and every spot for residency is coveted.

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She's been through years of rejection from med schools around the country so you not being ready for a relationship right now is unlikely to send her in a tailspin. So if you spill your deepest, messiest emotions, she'll accept them and try to understand them. And a final after that. Follow Lane on Twitter and Instagram.

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