Dating an edo man Dating an edo man

Dating an edo man, why are most guys scared of edo girls. - romance (1) - nairaland


Issorait now we know why we are where we are. I just wonder why we get so much hate and prejudice thrown at us Stop posting information that cannot be substantiated. They might b good ones out their but I can never take d risk or even advise my enemies to try it Tonto Whareva said so 4. Am already dating one.

Edo Men - Romance (2) - Nairaland

I don't care na person so cal dating site e never do, cos if e do u, u must care! Stop insulting the girl she just spoke the truth, so as others. She does not want to spend the rest of her life beating other women away from you.

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Nigerian women do not like broke men. It's not like u wunt find a good onebut sorryits not dating an edo man the risk. This girl tried to strangle me on the spot! Igbo people are known for love of money and can go the length for money Yoruba people are not industrious but are educated and dirty Hausa people are so religious and control their women a lot Calaberhardworking when it comes to dexterity Edohmmmmashawo prostitution is legalized by their family.

Aww tanks so much for speakn good abt us. You better run as fast as you can.

Edo Men - Romance - Nairaland

Much love from a Ghanaian sister proudly Edo. And yes they can be very mean and ruthless, but it's probably cause you may have provoked them. Once you see a woman opening an entire thread for particular men from a particular tribe, common sense should tell you that a brother is doing his job well.

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I love my Igbo girls any day anytime. Edo girls are synonymous 2 traffiking. Bros,you are right,iam from benue state but married an from there,my wife does all those mentioned xcept that she is not fetish.

Friday, 03 November at No go area for me at all at all!

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Dnt be deceived by the handsomeness of their men or any other man at all.