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As a present for us, Sones, Yoona and Lee Seung gi dating generation snsd revealed to be dating! I think he has a sense of humor for you to date him Vote in the poll and comment below! I've been writing it for two days, so I'm glad I'm getting this type of dating generation snsd If they are open about it, then there is no reason to follow them.


The relationship lasted for a year and five months. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. Sooyoung 24 is the next Girls' Generation member reported to be in a relationship this new year and the mystery boyfriend is none other than actor Jung Kyung Ho 31whom she has been rumored to be dating several times before.

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If you don't know why it's being comparison of dating sites to that, then you must be living underneath a rock. Of all five relationships that came to light in only the last faced serious disapproval from fans, in part due to several Instagram posts by the pair and EXO's popularity.

Choosing someone that you like is different because it gives the impression you want to be with that particular person.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Girls' Generation no longer relies on being a popular girl group but instead their widespread popularity is based on what they have achieved over the years, creating hit after hit and becoming one of the most globally recognized K-pop acts. All fans can do is support them and hope for the best. When inquired about her previous relationships, Sunny shared that she did in fact dated an artist.

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Seo Hyun admitted that she wants to keep her love life private in order to elude controversies. After the SongSong couple, whoever has more than two rumors is to be kept an eye on.

So, the big news is Yoona is dating and so is Sooyoung.

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Why do all your opinion articles have to be so agreeable? Rumors of the two dating previously made headlines back in February and again in October of last year to which Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho stated that they were just church buddies and sunbae and hoobae, having attended the same school.

The pair seems to be on top of the world for a long time. It all depends on the idol in question because popularity is a big factor. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Case closed and move on. Inthe perfect couple decided to separate and had already told their closest friends.

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Okay, so now you know. Call themselves sones when they are not even with our beloved idols when they need us and bash them,if they don't have nice things to say,shut up!! Okay, so it was obvious to those who payed attention and looked for it. To break the controversies, Yoon Ah finally admitted to the public that she is indeed dating the prominent actor.

The pair first met on a school and church and have known each other ever since.

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