Dating jimin would be like dating jimin

Dating jimin would be like, i write for bts, bap, btob, and exo.

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That is going to be how you pass. You were too distracted. Honestly I never had much purpose in knowing. For the fifth time.

dating jimin would include

Your heavy breath sent a cloud of dust from atop one of the books toward Jimin. Originally posted by btsgotsvt.

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Originally posted by chimjohayo. At your core, maybe you were just too socially awkward to discuss anything other than school. Originally posted by jkookie-monster.

That was the most important thing.

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You rolled your eyes as you slid back the sleeve of your robes to check the time again. But you knew too much of a social life was his downfall. The animal varies from person to person and will most often reflect your personality. More often than not, it could take him up to a half of an hour to locate you if he was on his own.

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Log in Sign up. Time seemed to slow as you watched the white light begin to shift and grow more impressive in size, eventually forming into a circular figure and beginning to scamper across the air.

Dating Jimin would Include

You titled your head as you fiddled with your wand. Originally posted by bangdulce. How tactile your learning and strengths are…which made me think.

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