Dating my cousins friend Should I date my cousins best friend?????

Dating my cousins friend

Is there anything wrong with live-in relationships? So i was standing outside and talking to some of his friends and he was standing there and he could tell I was angry and asked what was wrong and I said it was just that i couldnt find my car keys and I was feeling a little awkward dating my cousins friend around and I just wanted to go home. But- i passed it off as he thinks i'm sweet- but he was drunk.

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Also, you are planning to marry too. Besides- he's not the "typical" guy I would date Is cold turkey the best way to break up?

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I don't want to just be a kissing buddy- but I also don't want to just rush into things either- I don't want to make a bigger deal out of things than i need too. One date just to see how well you get along. Tonight I need to word to him to keep us getting to know one another between us.

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Is it wrong to love my cousins ex? My friend wound up stuck in the middle of our problems and it made things super uncomfortable for her.

Dating my cousins best friend- advice is needed. Or should I take sides?

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It may be awkward for your cousin tho. So whatever that ended. What style do Indian girls like on Indian men? I tried to talk to her about it, and put our friendship first again, but it was too late.


I don't have friends, never had a boyfriend and have never even been kissed. I have a few questions. He's almost like a brother to me.