Dating rules for my daughter 10 Rules To Date My Daughter

Dating rules for my daughter

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If she is not okay with this and you make her upset, I will have to find several new methods to make you upset as well. The same goes for your wandering eyes, if they go anywhere below eye level I will ask you to leave the premises as soon as possible, if you do not comply I will take action that I feel is necessary i. I have no doubt the world is going to be a better place because you are in it.

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This Blogger's Books and Other Items from Just give a damn time. Boxing matches are okay.

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Normally, I flip through the interwebs casually and inattentively. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro. A post shared by Jeff Welch j.

Here's how he knows his daughters will be treated with respect.

Yes I would, but guess what? Now that we got the small stuff out of the way, read the following rules below and if you agree and sign you may qualify to date my beautiful, wonderful, innocent and precious daughter. When proper respect has been observed the entire time, that moment will be a lot easier and far less messy.

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Stay on the high road and never leave it. Rule 6 If you plan on dating other girls besides my daughter make sure that you have told her and that she is okay with this.

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Jeff also recently wrote a post about the kind of feminist father he is, explaining that his job is to support his daughters in whatever they do.

Rule 10 If you are not afraid, you should be.

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Also, understand your snotty little princess might get on my last dating rules for my daughter. Those rules sound great to me!

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We spent all those years teaching and instilling values. You would have learned fancy writing skills in school. They love to cook together in our kitchen and try out new recipes.

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Sign up to get updated on our latest coverage of race and hate. If you plan on taking my daughter on a date and come to my house and honk your horn or call her cell phone you'd better be the UPS man, because you are not picking anything up.

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So, you will buy him jewelry for Christmas? They have never had religion forced upon them though. Every so often, I see a popular meme that irritates me so much that it jars me from my semi-conscious social media induced zombie state.