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A fine balance of a little bit of everything and their ability to remain fair to each other can make this relationship work. If you love your partner for their whole selves, you deserve the same compassion. Real trouble looms when one of you wants a commitment and the other prefers to stay footloose. Passions run high, which is great for sex, but take care you don't say or do something in the heat of a fight that fatally damages the relationship. Yet that very practical nature lets you appreciate who the dating same sign person really is, devoid of illusions.

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Here's a fun match! Plant a garden or do yoga together and you'll bring out the best in each other. Yet that very practical nature lets you appreciate who the other person really is, devoid of illusions. Cancers are very nurturing and love to cuddle up at home.

Let's see what the cards reveal for your sun sign: If you're on the same track, great!

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But, to get a straight answer about how much sharing a sign will affect your love life, we consulted our favorite guides to the stars, the Astrotwins, and their tome on the topic, Compatibility Secrets: Look up your zodiac sign below to see how dating your own sign might work for you You should receive an email to confirm your subscription shortly. You tend to wear rose-colored glasses, and that means your sweetheart can do no eagle look dating -- which is great, unless that person has serious problems.

You both need a lot of attention, and tend to pout if you don't get it -- so you'll need to trade off making the other person feel special.

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Both can easily drift away from each other when one partner gets bored. This partnership can only work if they allow their impulses to be their inspiration. You tend to wear rose-colored glasses, and that means your sweetheart can do no wrong -- which is great, unless that person has serious problems. Passion may run high in this relationship, but both need to keep a check on their temper and grow mutual respect for each other. On the other hand, you spark each other's passionate nature, and will have lots of active fun together. Owing to their critical nature, they should also learn to accept each other instead of trying very hard to change each other.

To cultivate passion, you'll have to venture out of your comfort zone. Two Fish can float around endlessly in a lovely fantasy, never casting anchor into a secure reality.

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Just don't let your worldly ambitions or need for status take precedence over a nurturing home life. Sports and sensual enjoyment can keep you together. Learning that someone shares your sign can feel like kismet — even if you've just met, you've suddenly forged a connection on a celestial level. The Vedic legend says that Mercury is the offspring of Jupiter and Moon, hence it has the characteristics of both of these planets. If you're on the same track, great! Posted Nov 24, by Simone ButlerTarot.

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ZodiacLoveAstrology. Reassurance will be the key to success with this pairing. The dating same sign between the two can be lovely, but it can only work if they choose their battles well. It's essential to share your deepest feelings in this union, but don't bonk the other person over the head with them, or you'll spur resentment.

Giving each other space can help ensure neither person feels overwhelmed and help the relationship succeed. Taurus April 20 - May 20 The Bull is stubborn, dating same sign a one-track mind.

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However, if you find yourself attracted to someone with the same zodiac sign as yourself, you should know that you are in for a wild ride. Although it can be rare, true equality is much needed in this combination where both need to trade their power to dominate back and forth.

But without any plan of action this relationship can be devoid of any results. Aquarians are very open-minded, and can tolerate or even enjoy!