Dmx lighting hook up How to Wire DMX for Stage Lighting

Dmx lighting hook up

If you were using this device, you would eliminate the need for the PC to run your show, however, it would still need to be "connected" to your fixtures to be controlled.

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Also be aware that most of our decoders are connected in a daisy chain. Determine the Wattage of each Fixture or Section you would like to Control.

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The cable itself consists of two shielded twisted pairs though only one is pair is used. X-Lights provides a lot of control over when you want sequences to occur. Sorry I cant be of more help!

What Is Intelligent Lighting?

There are 3 different ways to configure multiple decoders, the first being a daisy chain, the second using a DMX Splitter and the lighting hook up using a DMX Wireless Transmitter and receiver See photos below.

At most concerts though, the lighting will be pre-recorded, and simply played back at the right time; this ensures a consistent experience.

Can you suggest an entry-level solution? There are a variety of differences. Complex fixtures use more channels than simple fixtures. I think the answer for you is yes, but it's got nothing to do with DMX, just a feature that intelligent lighting generally offers. As one who's been using an Obey 10 for a while, I'd like to see how much more sophisticated I can get using a laptop, DMX software, for programming my scenes, etc.


If everything is wired correctly you will be able to adjust your lights and start to program scenes in live time, seeing changes in your lighting as you make them. I might be wrong though.

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Lots of options on how you want to run your show. Mic cable is not designed to carry digital signals, and if you run very long cables around a stage, you could find that mic cables cause random problems with your lights. Yes, they must stay connected.

Typically each sequencer will start by having you define your environment define your "elements" which are your individual lights and fixtures. Once you are in stand alone mode be certain that you are using the correct lighting hook up supply for your DMX Control Unit.

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When laptops are so cheap, there's just no reason to make anything else; as far as I'm aware, computer designed lighting shows have taken over, and most people dont use hardware lighting boards anymore.

The light shows Diabetes dating site have created are "timed" to a scheduler in X-Lights to go off at set periods of time broken into minutes, hours, and days. Is it possible to link 2 DMX lights together with a cable and no controller, just so that they synchronise together?

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It is also important to know how many channels or colors that each section is going to need in order to be controlled. I would suggest any of the free sequencers out there I assume you are needing a sequencer to auto "animate" your lighting in a timed manner.

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Email M-F 7: But it absolutely does NOT make sense to put different types of fixture on the same start address! The community of DIY light enthusiasts is large and growing every day.