Hearthstone matchmaking legendary Hearthstone matchmaking legendary

Hearthstone matchmaking legendary

Overpeople each month use Hearthstone Players to improve their Hearthstone skills.

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However, I say it to bring up a point. I realize it is unrealistic to have Blizzard cater the a small market and lose their profits in the process just to accommodate a small niche of players who play more than just causally.

Regardless of who gets whatever honors, I believe that anyone who dedicates any portion of their life in service, much less 8 years deserves recognition. Matchmaking for Legends is completely irrelevant to him, and your statement "You have a hidden mmr matchmaking rating.

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Also the comparison with starcraft. It creates an extra time requirement and therein lies the problem: There is also an additional flaw within the nature of the Legend rank itself. This actually hurts the casual players as well in my opinion, with no incentive to reach past rank 5 every season a lot of good players drop to the low ranks and farm wins. You make some really, really strong points.

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It is for sure the highest hearthstone matchmaking legendary but its not that exclusive like in sc2. Now with some decks secret paladin, im looking at youyou pretty much just play your curve mana effeciently.

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However, the reality is that thousands of Hearthstone players reach those legend ranks every season, which is a number you can hardly call elite anymore, even if it remains a relatively minor part of the Hearthstone community. They mocked the game and its makers.

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I can see how many of MY ideas might conflict with each other, they were just some thoughts that I think maybe could make the ladder a bit more interesting than it is in its current state. Sure, better players will do better hearthstone matchmaking legendary term.

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It just seems inappropriate to me, that after slaving away in excess of games such a penalty exists for players who are considered elite. Thanks for replying to my comment!

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And without a hidden mmr, how could you decide who's better in legend? As far as an esport or anything to be taken seriously it is not an never will be.

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Blizzards matchmatking or even the whole ranked ladder could be better organised in my opinion. Within the Legend ranks matchmaking, and rank advancement change altogether, and skill becomes a much more relevant factor. Consequently, making your way through the grind every season, taking efficiency into account, in reality is a waste of time.

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Nowadays the Grandmaster League reflects this elite level much more than legend rank does in hearthstone because it gets closed if filled up with players. The variance is HUGE.

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Starcraft is not that kind of a game, besides the one time Investments buying the game it is completly F2P. Right, you're talking about Legend, not about normal ranked play. Thanks again for taking time to read the article and provide some feedback.

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If I were given a bunch of legendaries for making it as you suggest above, that would be way more incentive. Thanks again for a thought-provoking article.

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You have a hidden mmr matchmaking rating. Even for a newbie that seems doable.

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Before you hit Legend, the MMR is irrelevant in Ranked, even though it's still being recorded in the background.