How to stop dating someone you work with Danger: Office Romance Ahead

How to stop dating someone you work with

They offer many opportunities to socialize while moving your career forward. At the beginning of any relationship that starts to get serious, you cannot imagine that anything will go wrong. Naija hottest dating site end up looking far worse and pettier than the object of your anger.

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If you spend a little more time away from the office and your coworkers, you might give Cupid a chance to improve his aim. You'd be surprised what might happen if you start nurturing your other relationships.

If things don't work out and there's a messy breakup, are you prepared to still see or interact with this person every day? Notifications You have no notifications. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policyterms of use and use of cookies. You may think this is a private affair, but is it really?

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Before things get too serious, relationship coach Folashade Butler says to lay out a clear plan of action with your potential partner on how you both promise to handle things if it doesn't work out. You meet a lot of people and you get to know them far better than the people you meet in many other settings.

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Keeping them in the loop upfront not only shows respect but that you're mature enough to deal with the situation. Are you willing to live with the regret of not knowing?

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This opens up the possibility of blackmail. For other coworkers, there are no clear ethical problems with having a dual relationship, but it is important to be aware of the tension that these two roles can create both for yourselves and for the way you are perceived by your coworkers. You'd like to meet that special someone, but you just don't know where to look.

You spend most of your waking hours at work. You'll suddenly go from someone who dated a worker to "that girl" who only dates people from your office. When you are in a workplace romance, though, you have responsibilities that are caused by the dual relationship.

Is this something we have to bring up with our boss? Your heart starts beating faster, and blood rushes to your head. Your perfect match is out there!


And, if you're more interested in keeping it light, it's always more fun to talk about, well, anything besides work. Keep spreadsheets out of the bedsheets. If you still feel your coworker is the one, what do you do? The biggest objection people seem to have to dating a co-worker is the inevitable awkwardness of going to work post-breakup.

Don't make "coworkers" your type. So before you pencil in a date with your office desire, schedule dinner with some nonwork-related friends. Eyeing that cute girl who sits in the cube next to you?

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You need to continue going to lunch with colleagues, saving time for customers and clients. For example, with most colleagues, if there is something they do at work that you disagree with, you discuss it and how to stop dating someone you work with you each go back and work on the project some more. Think about how a harassment suit will impact your career.

The more honest you are with people about your relationship, the more that people will trust your workplace decisions. If you want people to focus on your professional abilities, don't give them reasons to fuel the rumor mill.

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Here's an expert guide to dating your coworker without having things get messy — plus a few circumstances where you might want to pass on pursuing that office romance.