Husband dating another woman My husband will not stop seeing the other woman and I don’t know what to do

Husband dating another woman, he stops talking to you about things that matter to him

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Reply If you failed him, then he would have truly strayed. Reply Gustavo I am sorry for your pain and hurt. A very painful situation, but not an infrequent one, unfortunately. So, if they want to stay together, they need counseling and to get to the root of the husband dating another woman problem.

The terribly unfair thing is you may not have known your marriage had problems

Keep these seven things in mind when analyzing your relationship. It benefits your family. You have my heart felt best wishes, don't let this anger eat you up- SHE is irrelevant, HE is the problem. Just to a higher power to recognize that there is something else out there that may be greater than yourself. However, as bad as everything seems, yes your marriage is salvageable.

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And she even felt more the fool. Yes, he lied… but it was caught and nipped in the bud. It is my fervent desire to be reconciled to him. During the last 8 years my husband conned me, duped me, cheated on me, abused me psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Are you in an unconventional relationship? A man is only going to do what you allow him to do to you. Do not have children. One example is the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, which makes having another woman in your marriage something everyone is vulnerable to.

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It has taken me this long to be able to be in the same room with him and speak in a civil manner. This option, however, may provide you with more happiness in the long run. I was totally thunder struck that my husband would do this to me.

My Husband Has Left Me For Another Woman. How Do I Let Go?

It seems the external issues were cleared up and the internal ones were not. Now, I still think of my ex sometimes and wonder how he is--if he's happy, if he misses me and us.

What kind of men go to counseling? But the ball is in your court so you can go to counseling with him or you can jump into a divorce, which will cause a huge financial and emotional upheaval.

How do I pay for counseling services?