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This is a great starter!

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The first thing is to make them reply. It is really up to you. For dating uses, see ICQ disambiguation. She will tell you!

If the conversation is going well, there will be no problem in asking her for a picture swap.

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Retrieved January 19, This is very important! I know that you really do not have much time for going out searching for women.

The perfect situation is if she is involved too!

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Do not just ask her if she has a dating. The technology Mirabilis developed for ICQ was distributed free of charge. Nice to meet you! Tell this to the girl - do not lie her!

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Be funny, talk to her, listen to her, dance with her. If you do not like her, just forget her. This way you stay in control and show her that this is not so much of a problem for you. This way she does not fear that you are someone that collects pictures.

I use White Papers to find girls, mostly in my town. I ask them some common questions, like what their work is, where they live, what music they like, and so on.

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Girls do not like this! I will give you mine!

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I hope you do. Then again she will feel she has no control and to gain it back, she will say Yes!

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Of course, stay sharp for the opportunity! I usually say something like: I start chatting with them. So if you get an answer that she has no pic, stop wasting your time with her. Adware ; Linux version under Apache license 2.

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They answer with MUCH higher probability! Please be aware that any information you may have published in a public area Public Area may be accessible to ICQ or third parties and used by ICQ or such third parties.

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This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Now, without spending any time outside, you have a date with a beautiful girl, who does not mind talking about sex, likes you and wants to meet you!