Kay mandolin dating Antique and Vintage Mandolins

Kay mandolin dating

The back and sides were Brazilian rosewood and the tops Adirondack red spruce. In addition to manufacturing instruments for sale under its own brands, Kay was also a prolific manufacturer of "house branded" guitars and folk instruments for other Chicago-based instrument makers and, at times, for major department stores including Sears and Montgomery Ward.

It was initially called the De Luxe Jumbo for the few versions that were delivered before the model went into production.

Current Epiphone Serial Number Information

These dimensions were similar for all Larson made instruments. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The only available finish was sunburst until The back and sides were still mahogany but the Southerner Jumbo had a dark wooden stripe separating the 2 back pieces. All Gurian Guitars have serial numbers stamped on the neck block in characters visible through the soundhole. The early instruments built in Nashville suffered from inexperienced workers and climate-control kays mandolin dating in the humid South.

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That's why we asked for photos, because that would tell us so much more. Gibson Southerner Jumbo and Country Westerns. The product line of Kay was shifted toward electric musical instruments on demands, and inthe company moved to a new factory in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

In the late s, various guitars in the Kay line were assigned new model numbers; according to the catalog, the Thin Twin became K and the Electronic Bass became K San Antonio, Texas Posts: The later pickguard clamps have a stamped patent date of July 4, No feet — the bottom of the bridge flush on the instrument top.

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Most were 3-piece solid maple bodies. I haven't been able to find any information about it.


The finish was sunburst. The early models had shallow neck sets that increased in angle around Since Spruce was needed for the war-time effort, some Js in have a mahogany top. Gretsch appears to have started a new numbering system at about that time.

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The choice to discontinue the Mark Series had to do with the general turmoil of the Gibson company in the last years of ownership by Norlin. Probably a Kay K which was was offered between and How do you like the kay mandolin dating They were too late — Gibson owned the market and the Martins were dropped 6 years later kay mandolin dating only sold about combined. There could well have been detail changes on trim and such along the life of the instrument. The soundhole binding does not extend the full depth of the soundhole.

The headstock gold decal logo was replaced by an inlayed pearl script and crown.

Epiphone Body Sizes Through 1957

The intent is to provide a rough dating guide For more detailed information, get the following book: It is, therefore, not unusual to find older mandolins with replacement bridges. Gibson A Style Mandolins. I recently acquired a "Mary K I believe the Kay Florentine is a Model K70, Inside the mandolin there should be a label visible through the f-hole and there should be the kay mandolin dating number and serial number.

Get a paid expert's assistance Why pay when the forums are free? Gibson needed to revitalize its lineup of flat-top guitars — the LG-Series was born. The Larson bridge, if not otherwise specified by another company, is a rectangular flattened pyramid ebony style similar to those used by Lyon and Healy. InKay added the K bass to its catalog with baritone tuning, according to the catalog, [ citation needed ] " tuned like the first four guitar strings but one octave lower.

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The sides and back were tinted mahogany with a sunburst red spruce top.