League of legends low priority matchmaking Reports and Low priority

League of legends low priority matchmaking

Stop spreading crap to try to justify your punishment.

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Last edited by 50West: We all have lag issues, disconnect issues and glitches we have to deal with. If it's in a ranked game you immediately get punished. While the latter rule is in place to prevent abuse, it seems illogical to spare the original leaver from further consequences.

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No, you do not immediately get punished. Log in to join the conversation.

Lower Priority Queue: Ineffective and rage-inducing

Yes you'll have to wait this time for 5 games. With that in mind, moving away from an automated system would require some more adaptations. This is an archived post.

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I agree with marg. Things like stand-ins, compensation for unfair match outcome, bonus for completion or standing in, 'positive learning encouragement' are just some of the areas that could be worked on a lot more in Overwatch to better ensure the quality of the online experience Have something to say?

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Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. You left quite a bit more often than just that one time to fix your internet.

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Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites. The current report categories and the guidelines that go along with them are formulated very vaguely. I've played this game for almost 3 years now and played over 2, games. While Valve leans on the Overwatch system in order to regulate Counter Strike: Don't have an account?

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I find it's actually somewhat effective, I've had less leaves recently in my games. All of these can be identified fairly easily when watching the replay of the game.

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