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I think its weight is even closer to a Griswold than perhaps a Wagner Ware of similar era. Page 1 of 2.

Many images result from the search. Sometimes, manufacturers marked their pans, but not their lids.

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It is also seen in slightly varying lodges cast iron dating on pieces of the same pattern number, leading some to differentiate smaller instances as being a "medium logo". Trademarks varied from as simple as the name of the city of manufacture in plain, block letters, such as the coveted "Erie" pieces produced by Griswold in the late s, to the more elaborately-styled scripts, logos, symbols, and descriptive markings used by Wagner, Griswold, Martin, Favorite, and others up through the s.

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And OP - sorry to thread jack. It may be a transition piece. Off-topic posts and comments, including political comments will be removed. The term "large", however, is more properly applied how to tell your parents your dating someone online the block lettering rather than the diameter. Identifying No-Name Iron Part of the allure of vintage cast iron, besides the fineness of the castings, are the unique trademarks and detail work the foundries of the past cast into each piece they produced.

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Unmarked Wagner Ware cast iron skillet; marked only with B on the bottom of the skillet and on the underside of the handle. Lids have raised, broken concentric rings, staggered, each with 8 tapered segments for basting drippers, some with positioning lugs at edges similar to Vollrath, and a unique handle shape. Newer Post Older Post Home. I lodge cast iron dating my Iron Mountain pans. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. While you might find information, verifying its accuracy is always a good idea.

Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. But I'm not that knowledgeable about cast iron making, more dating how old American iron is. Unmarked pans with a heat raised letter on the underside, along with a raised number on the handle, may have been made in the late s — by Blacklock, the foundry that preceded the Lodge foundry.

Wagner Manufacturing Company, Sidney, Ohio: Really the only negative thing I can say about them is that some, but not all, are on the heavy side, with walls that are unnecessarily thick.

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If you post food, give us the recipe, or at least a story on what happened as a comment in the post. The slant logo made an encore appearance on a handful of skillet sizes after the introduction of smooth-bottomed pans, before being replaced by the small block logo. Vollrath Manufacturing Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin: I went into an antique store and found a collection of about items, ranging from some very beat up dutch ovens, to this piece.

Today Lodge stands as the sole surviving U. Here is what I know about this skillet, but correct me if I'm wrong. Find all posts by JenniferM. Wapak Hollow Ware Co. I saw one of these skillets today three notches in the ring. I have had it for 20 years. They also have a heat ring, pan number and 4-digit product number in a slightly italicized font imprinted on the bottom. They may be marked with the size in diameter, e. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them.

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Product differentiation in the various channels was achieved by the use of paper labels affixed to the unmarked iron. Number 8 Lodge cast iron skillet circa s — ; 4.