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If you are looking for examples of social networks created with Drupal, take a look at Imbee or GoingOn.

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Anyone with helpful tips, please tell. Comments It looks very cool Posted by artscoop on September 17, at You might be able to build cool profiles with the Profile module and its fields, but this duo is rock solid. My distinguishing feature will be a tool that lets members talk anonymously over the phone. It was slow and needed many clicks for a single operation on one user.

You could invite some friends first and make them tell you what is the simplest thing they want to change in your site.

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It seems to work out very well although it isnt a very "intelligent" matching system. I personally dislike such sites that do not take the moral high ground in love and relationships, and thus it formed the basis for NOTforPlayers.

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I can not supply a url at this time since it is still in early development, but i am planning to update this topic on a regular base as a kind of diary. But the latest versions enable a lot of things to layout your pages. I know this thread is about 7 months old, but I wanted to point out that I think ubercart is overkill for a site that only needs a simple subscription based membership.

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It's All There Posted by drupdrips on May 21, at However, to make a dating website using drupal people come and want to come, it needs Is there a group moderator here? A year ago, I managed to build a dating site called Site de rencontre gratuit in french It was a great but very long adventure, with many bugs on the way.

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Not ready for Drupal 7 yet, the FlashVideo module provides a powerful solution to create your Youtube clone, it integrates with CCK, converts videos to FLV and lets your users share videos with an embed code. Never build from scratch if you don't have to. I do plan on more development I really have nothing more to contribute to it at this point.

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Please advise, and thanks for the input. I thought there is a subscription payment type of module.

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The popular design social news site Designbump uses Drupal. This kind of website is too resource hungry for most people, but if you decide to create one anyway, you can do it with Drupal. Also as the name of the site suggests it is NOT for Players type.

Since I had dependency on a lot of the modules which were not released in Drupal 6 at the time when I had started it, this is still a Drupal 5 site. Dating You must register or login in order to post into this group. I think right now, there are about three!

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News portal Drupal is the perfect tool if you are looking to create a news site or magazine. Group notifications This group offers an RSS feed. Lunch Time Salt Lake Meetup. My micro blog http: If they are, they cannot private message or flirt with anyone else.

I replied to you a while back against the email you sent me too, but since I see you posted this question on this page too, nairobi singles dating is the info for anyone else to see too:.

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A site like box. This has been reported as spam in the groups. Or subscribe to these personalized, sitewide feeds: