Netizenbuzz dating evidence [Netizen Buzz] [Pann] Taeyeon and GD?

Netizenbuzz dating evidence

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Dintya February 25, at Actually I saw a rumor of 2pm in one of the rumor mills a while ago that one of the members was a sex addict or something like that. They were close since trainee days if im not wrong. Victoria used to date Kyuhyun and now she's dating Changmin.

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She's NINE years younger than him. At least this will potentially silence the Nickhun-is-gay rumors.

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IMO, as long as they love each other, why should people complain? This is not proof. Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder Tiffany is not someone to leave him bcs of dui But bcs of it there is no way sm will ever confirm them. Sign In Need an account?

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Young datings evidence are impressionable and immature. Krystal started giggling really obviously trolololol. I bet he wants a litlle bit of SNSD's fame and popularity.

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Even when they give consent they should not be held fully accountable for their decisions. Angelic Siwonie February 26, at 3: Kyuhyun is the other wingman. News 1 via Nate 1.

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I hope they are still fleaket dating site together: Song Hye Gyo's luxury wedding dress worth tens of millions of won? Cccc9 February 25, at YGishilovekpop and SoOnePanda like this. And as someone that is huge Tiffany fan i can tell u for sure if she had to pick she would pick SNSD over a guy.

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But if Yesung started dating her when she was a 17 year old girl