Post dating cheques in australia Post dated cheques illegal australia

Post dating cheques in australia

What is stale cheque? Sorta but if your friend is no longer in the country, the court judgement is almost worthless as you can't really enforce it overseas. The guy that told me about this, said he does it with post dating cheques in australia business discussion he had in his life, and he has piles and piles of exercise books.

It could have changed.

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Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? If he doesn't have the money, the court won't help you.

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Don't expect the police to hound him and get the money for you they won't — that's not their job. Or speak to a lawyer and get them to recommend one they use to go along with your legal action.


Yes I do have his email address on which we had conversation in the past. The good thing is that the office took a diary note of the details of the fraudulent guy and said that they will do some lookup on him. If you feel there is a high chance of him 'leaving' and the amount owed is substantial e. I think it is unlikely you will be successful in getting multiple charges on him or a flight restriction.

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All you probably have to do is to demonstrate that is his email address which should be easy enough, like if you have an email from him. I guess it was a lesson learnt.

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However at some stage you will need to serve the papers to the defendant. And its free http: Check also with your bank whether they will hit you with a fee too.

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He saw the email after some time, and email tracker verified that he opened the email proof that he read the email. In our case we found the person had a car and we tried to get it seized — he was given an intent to seize and did a dummy sale of car to his speed dating retrospective. Sounds like OP needs to find their hobbling post. I work at one of the major banks and this comes up all the time.