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In the long run, society, bricks and mortar, looks, money and all the rest of it is nice, but still secondary to a mutual understanding based on clarity and trust. And yes, I know dating is in the name of self interest ie if you pull who gives a shit about anyone else- but if Chinese-pride isnt that strong enough to have an all Chinese event, then that can only mean that as can be seen from the reviews, where one of the guys are half-joking about 'bromance' at the end of the night-that for some of these cockteasing Chinese females, the 'standards'for a date, at these events are reserved for non-Chinese ie black white brown, then im sorry but that to me is the BIGGEST degrading insult to Chinese males who are conned into these events.

For me I just see the media taking advantage of the whiteworshipping seeds that were planted long ago in insecure East Asian females. Without getting too deep speed dating, who actually benefits?

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Maybe we have to wait for another generation to see. I'm missing on a lot, not knowing how to read and write.

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No idea what they are like never been to one but if its as interesting as what they yak talk about online, probably never will do. Most of the chinese who come to the UK are desparate poor folk, not privilege cigar smoking poseurs. Does anyone here reckon its only women that are gold-diggers or is it just men as well?

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Saying that, it really depends on the female student. My father was sent here by his mother. Assuming it worked out better than these mainstream events like 'Chinese speed-dating'?

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Book your ticket for the popular event! All I do know is this. Anonymous 26 October at Translation is something like 'Cute guys are players'.

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When that didn't happen, she has told her husband that she slept with his father, and had been duped into this speed dating london chinese. So that cricket joke earned you both 11 years of partnership, funny 'lang jai mo yea sum' sorry my Cantonese is piss poor, what does that mean?

About the greasy kitchen, and this is a generalisation, it is not necessarily the place itself, but the lingering conversational culture and sad memories, parents from TA can't see things beyond the wok handle, thats all where the referencing comes from, it's their whole world view, it s either tragic or ignorant bliss.

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With a zest for life and an enthusiastic team here at Dateinadash we have been able to excel in the match making market in the capital and we are now one of the most successful speed dating services in London. To expand on Anon 28's point Bruce Lee his wife who was Anglo-German, they seem to be "fine" so the bio-pic depicts, but the HK media depicted her as a gweipor, his bruv is totally Hk dreadful singer srry. Because the fans love them.

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But it's hard for me at this moment in time as it has let me down. I meet the them purely by chance at education or at work when you just keep bumping into them, as if by fate it was meant to be.

Knowing how there is a disproportionate number between females and males in China speed dating london chinese malesthat more Chinese female are being allowed to study in the UK than male students, does this create proportionately more interracial romances, between educated Chinese females that return to China, and possibly creating a preference for dating non-Chinese when arriving back home, lessening the chance of your 'average' Chinese male ever finding a Chinese wife?

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I very much enjoyed reading your description. They are still human.