Sunggyu and eunji dating What do you think about sunggyu and eunji dating rumors . Do you ship them together ?

Sunggyu and eunji dating

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Nine Muses' Euaerin explains a criterion for her ideal type. That whole uneasiness is cleared up now. I know they already date someone but as long as they don't confirm it, I will think they still single.

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He may be a bibimbaby, but in Reality album plug! According to Dispatch, the two popular idols have been dating in total secrecy for approximately a year now, as they became friends through their mutual connections.

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Even during fansigns and official photoshoots? Am I too old for this fandom? Page 1 of 2 ipb.

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They're human beings; they deserve to live a normal life. I don't personally think wgm damages careers in any way So why is this report only now coming to light? They have more opportunities to meet successful men, handsome guys or nice guys than normal girls.

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Well, they are pretty girls and come from famous group. So why is this report only now coming to light?


Their mini-album New Challenge sold and datingcopies in South Korea alone and was one of the best-selling albums of Woolim didn't do such a hot job handling L's dating rumors. In my opinion, WGM is really pure garbage, and I apologize for the strong statement. I really love this story!!! They're just carefully starting their relationship, so we hope that everyone looks upon them with warmth. If he wants to go on wgm he should be able to choose that for himself Sign In Create Account.

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We love them and support them Other than that, please don't cast Gyu in WGM coz i won't be able to take it. Its things like this that make fans believe these boys belong to us There are comments. Give it an Upvote!