Swifty and takarita dating Swifty and Azi break up?

Swifty and takarita dating

Swifty to Pettans your pants look wet!

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I don't get it how do you get sponsored by a major company like that acting like a fool and basically cam whoring for money while being a twitch partner. That is guy shit.

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GrabThatSword February 23, at 1: Women can't be and dating that. If not him, i would probably never even knew who she is, and didnt even know about whom that topic is about. Women are not part of that fantasy.

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Originally Posted by Gumboy. Originally Posted by Snowcharm. Something like couple thing happend there?

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There is a lot of garbage streamers and we don't have to watch them, making a topic like this only does one thing, giving them more viewers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Just watched swiftys stream and she was in his stream drunk kissing all over him and saying sexual shit the entire time and not even a couple of weeks ago was in trainwreckz stream doing rated BGS and was talking so much shit about him to get viewers and donations with her tits hanging out and gets DDOSED in the middle of her stream because of it.

It seems the two first met at Blizzcon but it could have been earlier. Originally Posted by Drungan. I don't even use twitch for anything, but why do you even care?

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Tony Sowell February 17, at 1: If a woman's cleavage and the way she talks can get your panties in such a twist, you're clearly in the wrong place. The time now is