Top 10 hookup lines The 17 Best Tinder Pick-Up Lines. These Are Guaranteed To Work [Photos]

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What's your summer safety IQ?

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Because I'd top 10 hookup lines to jump you. People call me John, but you can call me tonight. Is your daddy a Baker? You shouldn't wear makeup. When you fell out of heaven?

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Tell us all about them and why you found them effective or not! Put your fingers on the other's nipples Hey, here's namecomin' at you with the weather.

Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?

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Where do you hide your wings? Because I could watch you for hours.

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If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents. Do I know you? Because you're a keeper!

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Put down that cupcake We'll definitely roll our eyes and groan, but these pickup lines are just cheesy enough to actually break the ice. Hey, is it just me, or are we destined to be married? If you were ground coffee, you'd be Espresso cause you're so fine.

Top 10 Pickup Lines

Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Your email address will not be published. Because you are the best a man can get.

Are you Hurricane Katrina?

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I could use some spare change and you're a dime. You'd better direct that beauty somewhere else, you'll set the carpet on fire.

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