Unknowingly dating a married man How to Find Out if He’s Hiding a Wife

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He on the other hand… he has obviously thought about that.

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Ewww ho that you have your std checks done regulary. Why did so many cultures practice polygamy for centuries? He's also 10 years older than me, which made me look up to him.

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Truly you would only get hurt and I have to say in my younger days it would have been worse and I would have never stayed and he would have been left with nothing. No perks, no dates.

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Thanks for the laugh. The affair lasted for about four months.

Now it would be even more complicated than our relationship. It has all the techniques necessary to facilitate resolving conflicts, increase self esteem, learn about forgiveness, and re ignite the passion that you both once felt.

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I am a 65 year old widow. They are happily married. A person is not shameful for trusting another person to live up to the promises they have made.

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If you end up figuring it out they will bully you so they can keep their lie a secret while using you as the patsy. However, one unknowingly dating a married man did state she was the wife and suggested that they should tell in private. My kids are almost adults and they no longer respect their father.

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What the hell is the world coming to? Blames me for everything wrong.

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Lindiwe May 18, at 9: A lot of men think toooooo loooowwww of women when they try to make single respected women their mistress…. I lost my whole family cause of women like you.

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