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Levine might have a tough time when holding guys that will for the most part hang a few inches above six foot.

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Former head coach Larry Coker called him one of the most athletic quarterbacks he had ever seen. He sticks speed dating glue and simply has excellent hand placement.

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He almost took the field as a true freshman against Old Dominion when Sturm was getting his ankle taped on the sideline. A pair of freshman that both add much-needed size to the trenches with a lot of reach.

For the most part the team has began to hone their new identity, but a few holes exist on the back-end of the roster that affect an issue that is all too familiar for the Birds: No matter what the play, Egwuagu was often within a few a feet of the ball when the whistle blew. This roster now has the depth to minimize all of these issues if addressed correctly upfront here in the spring.

These two will have a big responsibility in that regard. The depth of the offensive line unit has long haunted the Roadrunners, the unit has often been fatigued in past one-possession fourth quarters when opponents had fresh bodies to put on the field.

This Article has a component height of His senior year, however, was unfortunately cut short after partially tearing his MCL. The sidebar size is long. For the most part, the rest of the unit will be fine as is.

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The two anticipated starters are Josh Dunlop and Reed Darragh. With Williams now graduated Rhodes takes on all responsibility as the starter.

That said, I also fully expect for speed dating to be a third man in regular rotation. The Roadrunners have the luxury of a very stout defense, a unit in which most of the playmakers are rather young as well. UMass gains national recognition following upset of Appalachian State.

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It was an even distribution between starter Jarveon Williams and number-two Jalen Rhodes. I personally think he should be at the front of the list because of his name alone.

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UCF is ranked no. UTSA fans bid a sad farewell to a long-time favorite player and personality, strong safety Michael Egwuagu.

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He also showed great ability catching passes out of the backfield, a scheme that the Roadrunners have long implemented into their offensive game plan. His timing is also uncanny, he seems to leap at the right moment every time. The guy that immediately comes to mind is Tyrell Clay.

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