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Vollrath Cast Iron

This is a nice little unmarked Vollrath which was almost certainly sold as a store brand with a paper label. Here are some unmarked pieces you're likely to see, and information on how to identify who made them and when.

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Item Please note all pictures on our site are of the actual piece you will receive, not a stock photo of a cast iron dating piece. I am looking at Favorite pieces on ebay and wondering if they all have heat rings on the bottom, as I need flat bottomed ones on my range. Bookmarked the website and will definitely order again.

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Old cast iron and new cast iron are very different beasts. My refinishing process is specifically ge I don't think its a 'real' antique the design makes me think it was probably made in the 70s when country was cool cuz it says "cracker barrel, original country cookware" on it. This piece has NOT been restored but I think it will clean up nicely if you want to put the effort in.

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I must have seasoned that thing at least six times but the surface is so rough I can sand wood with it. With proper treatment a good CI pan is almost impossible to wear out even over several generations.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Some of them actually enjoy collectible status. This is not true.

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Find all posts by PMagistro. This skillet, in excellent condition, can be worth thousands of dollars.

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And I can answer the last question, easy. It sometimes takes time, but it's worth it. Clean up initial rust with a cupped "knotted style" wire wheel.

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If I could only have one I like the older pieces best. I don't think I'll bake another coat on it, just start using it.

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Number 8 Lodge cast iron skillet circa s — ; 4. In aroundthis casting process was mostly discontinued.

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They are also heavier in weight. Iron Mountain skillets have a heat ring and 4-digit product numbers and the pan number in a slightly italicized font on the bottom.

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That's how I figure it. The walls and bottom are thinner than a modern Lodge skillet.