Why do i get junk mail from dating sites Why do i get junk mail from dating sites

Why do i get junk mail from dating sites

It's spam, just ignore it and delete it. Well it sounds like he doesn't want them at all.

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We are in our mid 40's with grown children who do not live with us. Hi Diane, This should be easy to figure out if you take a closer look at the email. How to stop them?

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I know I don't get that type of spam on my end. You can set some instructions in the Message Rules section of your email program which will allow you to delete certian emails from your ISP's server before they are downloaded to your pc — but this can slow down your email transfer times. What is more disturbing is that these emails always have the same 4 letters of my real email address, and then the remaining letters have no relation to my email address, but still end up addressed to me and end up in my spam box.

It was a server setup with email addresses. They would not invite him to do so.

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If I'm not mistaken, most of those random spam mails only target well-known webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Your husband doesn't necessarily have to have been on a site he shouldn't have been on. Do you already have an account? Half of these emails will probably bounce, because the email addresses do not exist — but I just want you to respond so that I know that your email address is legit. But now that you say you get them and never go to those types of sites I don't know what to think! I have known that in the past during his bad behavior times, he has cruised Adult Friend Finder type of sites.

My husband and I have been together for ten years.

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They don't know that someone a real person is actually active on your email address until you reply. Been lurking for quite some time. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. I know you said you are not good with this sort of things but take a second to why do i get junk mail from dating sites about this i also read that you don't have the email anymore so just try to remember as best as you can.

You need to look further inside the email headers to see who it went too and find your real email address.

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A client of mine has made quite a bit of money promoting them via email. I've found if you bounce the spam with mailwasher over a period of time they just stop.

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How did they find out where he lived? From eHarmony and such Your real email address will be amongst the hundreds of address in either the TO: Quote message in reply?

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They are basically fishing phishing? Based on my past experience, the answer is probably yes.

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It said connect with friends. You could change your address, that would stop it for a while.

All I can remember is that the email was in his inbox. Not all attacks are random, it is possible to get some idea if a address is legit for most hosts. Thanks for the response, I'm not that technical so apologies if I sound stupid Does that mean that he has an account under his work email address?

When I see the email headers, I see the email addressed to abcdkjsfdlkgjf gmail. You could make a fake profile and send his account a message and see if he replies? Apparently, that's not enough for him.

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