Wot matchmaking tree Are any preferred matchmaking tech tree premiums still worth getting?

Wot matchmaking tree

However, the same shell can damage both hull armour and module s or crew since it travels through the tank after penetrating the hull armour.

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Oh dude, cry me a river. That does not mean you should actually shoot at it in these situations - sounds like a stating the obvious, but it happens all the time, in particular with newer players. The situation is more complex for HE shells because both penetrating and non-penetrating hits and even misses can cause damage.

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Refer to the Crew page for more details about which crew member affects which stat of your tank. Not only is there an inbalance in type of tank in each team but also the type of player.

To the maximum extent possible, we have provided all the data we know about game mechanics. Despite shells following a ballistic trajectory, aiming is strictly line of sight.

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For example, if it is "Operation Sniper", you would receive extra experience or credits for earning the "Sniper" achievement. Flat amount paid to everyone who is in the capture circle at the moment of completed base captureindependent of individual contribution.

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Because you do not need line of sight, this is also called proximity spottingand can be used on certain maps to spot enemies going past a choke-point without actually being exposed to them. Only when there can't be made a "balanced" group than allow a extra tier.

Small flat bonus per detected tank, double per detected SPG. The lower the value the more accurate your gun is.

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Finally, for some vehicles there are parts of the visual vehicle model that are intentionally not reflected in the collision model and a shell can pass straight through them. Not even close except for my premium tanks.

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However, a thorough understanding of the game mechanics described above will help you minimize them. While all that is easy enough with a high velocity gun, it becomes much harder with a low velocity gun like the mm AT Howitzer M3 of the aforementioned T Just a subversion, released in order to disable any installed mods that may interfere with the Domination event.

Otherwise it remains hidden to you unless spotted by another vehicle on your wot matchmaking tree that you are in radio communication with.

You can increase your ammo rack's hitpoints by installing "Wet" Ammo Rack equipment or by training the Safe Stowage wot matchmaking tree on a crew member with the role of loader.

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Reworked chat Contact list. Posters in this thread mentioned some good examples.

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Gormadoc 13 Posted 30 September - The Designated Target perk for the Gunner extends this duration further. The potential for module and crew damage exists in addition to the armour damage potential and is not shown in game.

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Small bonus depending on the tier of the target compared to yours, whether caused by direct hits, splash damage, ramming, fire or ammo-rack explosion. I have done a little digging in my replays, and there is just ONE game with a T4 in 50! What is your view range? Coefficient based on the total damage inflicted to the enemy team by your team.